(August 21, 2016) – Artie Tobia, a 5-time Gold Coast award-winning Americana artist, plays his own blend of original, acoustic rock, country, blues and folk giving him a wide appeal to many people. Playing well over 200 shows every year, this singer-songwriter storyteller’s lyric-driven songs pull the listener in allowing them to give meaning to their own stories through his songs.

On June 26, 2015 the world was introduced to Aberdeen, Tobia’s fourth album release. According to Tobia, Aberdeen began to come to life when Alternate Root Magazine named the title track a Top Ten Pick of the Week.  A multitude of praise and press soon followed, and last fall a steady stream of articles began to appear both nationally and internationally.  In September of 2015, Aberdeen was given its debut spin on WLVR in Allentown PA.



Aberdeen eventually reached number thirteen on the AMA/AAA APD charts nestled with two of Tobia’ major influences, Gregg Allman and John Mellencamp. According to Tobia, “It is still somewhat overwhelming to me, to be able to say I was on a chart with two of the most influential artists of our time.  Having grown up listening to them, I never thought I would have the honor of being listed on the same chart.” 2015 came to end with Tobia riding the wave on chart success, which also included the F.A.R Chart as well as the Alternate Root 66 Chart.

Over the next 6 months Tobia was given the opportunity to headline at the infamous BB Kings Blues Club in Manhattan, and opened for national artists including The Sub Dudes, country music legend Tanya Tucker, six-time Grammy Award winner/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dr. John and one of Tobia’s childhood favorites, classic rock icon Kansas.

Artie Tobia

Artie Tobia

As Tobia reflects on Aberdeen’s release, he realized the impact that his father had had on his music and on his life. One of the featured tracks on Aberdeen titled, ‘First He Was My Father‘, a poignant and emotional track paying tribute to his father. The song is a fan-favorite and has resulted in a steep rise in album sales. His father’s influence continues to impact Tobia’s work. According to Tobia, “I had a realization that the album was released on my father’s birthday, the show with Kansas took place one year later on the same day. The work was really all about him.  This year I surpassed the age he was when he died.  I believe I finally let go in that moment. I said goodbye.  That seems a bit surreal to me.”

You can listen to ‘First He Was My Father’ by CLICKING HERE.

Tobia is not sure what lies ahead. He plans to use lessons learned from this past year to build further upon his passion. “I don’t feel as though I have a choice in my musical pursuits, it is just what I do, what I have to do. As long as I am capable I will always perform.” Regardless, at his core Tobia is a singer/songwriter with a warm heart and a passion that has kept him undeterred in pursuing a dream.

On September 30, Tobia is slated to share the stage with Starship, featuring Mickey Thomas at the Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill.

If you would like more information about next week’s show or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

Cover photo credit: Don Manion