(July 5, 2016) – If you missed the last trip, you can still “get on the bus” during the 2016 Going Furthur tour. In honor of the new documentary release about the 50th anniversary tour of Ken Kesey’s psychedelic school bus, the cast and crew of Going Furthur are bringing the far-out experience to the east coast.

The community is invited to join a colorful collective of artists, musicians, and Neo-Pranksters for a special screening of the show followed by live entertainment (the Prankster way).

The Going Furthur crew are delighted to be hosting a special event at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors on Friday, July 8th (7:30 – 10:00 PM) with a special screening of Going Furthur, followed by a live Q&A with the cast & crew and special entertainment by talented artists featured in the film.

About the Movie:

Fifty years after the iconic first Trip, Ken Kesey’s son Zane took the Furthur Bus – and his father’s legacy- back on the road, for its longest running tour in history. Armed with a new band of Merry Pranksters, the Furthur bus traveled over 15,000 miles in 75 days, riding into music festivals, community events, tribal gatherings and national landmarks, reestablishing itself as a symbol of radical self-expression and cultural revolution all across the country.

Through archive footage as well as over 400 hours of film, the film explores the roots of a culture birthed in the early sixties, and how the mission of those first few idealists have influenced a new generation. This is an on-the-ground account of how Ken Kesey, the pranksters and the acid tests helped to generate a non-conformist society of free thinkers, artists and altruists who are now pushing the evolutionary envelope of human potential.

CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is located at 46 Deer Hill Rd in Wappinger. The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.


Rooms are available for rent in Grey House, CoSM’s fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

For more information, CLICK HERE.