(September 26, 2016) – Mamalama, self-described as “Otherworldly” in musical genre will be celebrating the release of their new album, Live from the Old Dutch Church. The music was recorded live last October in the sanctuary where the concert will be taking place (Old World

picWith an intoxicating acoustic potion of harp and ethereal voice—driven by an eclectic mini- orchestra of violin, viola, cello, upright acoustic bass, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, music boxes and ethereal harmonies–Mamalama weaves a vibrant tapestry of chamber-folk, classical, world music (South American, West African, Middle Eastern, Native American), modern minimalism, early music (sacred/early), and mystical, image-rich poetry.

Listeners often recall the music of Kate Bush, Philip Glass, Yann Tiersen, Dead Can Dance, and Hildegard of Bingen, the music moving effortlessly through centuries of music—which is why Mamalama is so difficult to place in a genre. Seamlessly bringing together ancient modality with modern songwriting, “Mamalama is a stunningly beautiful sound that may lull you to a place of peace, if you’ll only allow it…” (Chronogram Magazine).

“The relationships between all of the different elements in nature, both the natural world and our own inner nature, are very inspiring to us–along with dreams, science and physics, mythology, meditation and prayer. The songs come from a contemplative space and when the song becomes medicine, like a salve for the spirit, it’s finished. ” says harpist, vocalist, and composer Elizabeth Clark-Jerez.

It is the birthday of new music, so there will be cake at the event (It also happens to be Elizabeth’s 34th birthday…)

Joined by special guests Peter Wetzler on giant pipe organ, Brian Macaluso (our beloved album engine’ear) on drums, and the full Mamalama orchestra of Elizabeth Clark (harp, piano, voice, songs), Henry Lowengard (dulcimer, flute, melodica), Annie Roland (voice, rattles), Eric Ortner (French horn, violin), Rusty Boris (upright bass), and Cornelia Logan (cello).

mamalamacdCDs will also be available for purchase during the reception. Donations will be accepted for both the band and The Old Dutch Church.

For more information on the recording, the CD release party and the band Mamalama itself, visit The new album is available here (digital copy…. Psychical CDs available at show)

The event will take place at Old Dutch Church in Kingston (272 Wall Street).