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Taryn Jessen

“This original music seemed to lie somewhere between rock, country, Americana, and folk. Maybe with a dash of rock-a-billy and pop. It’s a constantly swirling mixture of it all, yet never landing cleanly into any one camp. And the performer, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, Taryn Jessen, delivered it in a seemingly guarded and experienced, yet very committed, vulnerable, and emotional style.(Utica Rocks)”pic

The Taryn Jessen band hails from Utica, New York and has been perusing the local circuit for the past year, including The Tramontane Cafe, The Dev, and The Utica Zoo’s 100 Year anniversary, sharing the bills with the likes of Auld Lang Syne and Harmonica Lewinski. The band currently consists of lead singer/guitarist/song-writer, Taryn Jessen and “…sensitive, song-focused drummer, Colin Jewett.”

The band has just released their first album, The Taryn Jessen Band: Live from the Tram, in hopes to accurately portray the energy exuded in their live performance.
“…She lurks in the shadow of the spotlight, head slightly bowed, barely revealing her secrets. She weaves her lyrical stories with a matter-of-fact physical stance that bravely attempts to conceal her true feelings. But, Jessen betrays her attempts at stoicism with flashes of emotion and passion that, on occasion, leap from her eyes. Eyes that just may have seen more than they should at her tender age.”

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