Running a successful working band takes a lot of hard work. Bands Near Me recently caught up with Chrissy Rivera, Manager for the band Bed Rock.
“I can tell you it’s not all glory, it can be downright frustrating, and above all, it takes the intense effort of many people,” states Rivera. “But, it can be one of the most rewarding things life has to offer.”
Bed Rock brings 1980’s/1990’s hair bands to the Tri-State area. The group boasts two talented lead singers – Kevin and Kayla Davis, a father/daughter duo, and they, along with the rest of the band put on a high-energy stage show that keeps fans coming back time and time again.  The band is highly interactive, and according to Rivera, “Kevin loves engaging with the crowd. He climbs on, and sings from whatever he’s able to – picnic tables (when the band played at a park), on bar tops (at some of the larger clubs), and he has even ridden a mechanical bull while singing at The Bull and Barrel in Brewster.”

Bed Rock's Kevin Davis

Bed Rock’s Kevin Davis

According to Rivera, Bed Rock’s lead guitarists – Milo Ahenakew and Tommy O’Donnell, are “two of the most talented guitarists EVER.” Milo has had years of extensive formal training, and although Tommy has only been playing for a few years, Rivera believes that he is able to play as well as most artists that have been playing their entire lives. Frank Vaturina, Bed Rock’s drummer, has played and toured with several well-known acts, and Rivera considers him one of the best in the business. Rivera’s husband Pete plays bass and likes to humbly joke that he is “the worst bass player in the world, I just fake it well.”  However, anyone that has witnessed a Bed Rock performance fully understands this to be false.
Bed Rock

Bed Rock

Many people have no way to know the amount of time, money and energy it takes to manage a working band: the upkeep of the equipment, travel costs to and from rehearsals/shows, studio costs, website administration, marketing material, promotional items, phone calls and e-mails to book/confirm shows, visiting each venue prior to booking, hiring a sound engineer for venues that don’t have a PA are just a few. Rivera knows first-hand that being the manager of a band is definitely not always easy and many times you are placed at the forefront of some very uncomfortable situations. The band manager wears many hats, and is responsible for hiring, firing, planning, arranging, booking, and promoting  the band.
Rivera believes that the Hudson Valley offers a very unique advantage as there are ample opportunities to both musicians and music venues. Her advice to the community is to drink in the abundance of talented musicians in the area, go to a show and support local, live music.
For more information about the band, check out their website www.bedrockband.net and stay tuned to Bands Near Me for the most up to date information on shows.