(November 28, 2016) – The Falcon in Marlboro is the new Winter home for composer Joseph Bertolozzi’s fully functional Bridge Music Listening Station from the Mid-Hudson Bridge through March 2017.

Bertolozzi’s unique project using the Mid-Hudson Bridge as a musical instrument was realized in 2009 as a sound-art installation that can be heard at Listening Stations on the tower landings from April 1 – October 31 and on 95.3 FM in the parks flanking the bridge (Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland and Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie). Although the radio broadcast of the project remains operational, listening stations are removed from the bridge during the winter.

The Falcon, The Falcon Underground New York Taproom & Beer Garden, and proprietor Tony Falco – a fearless supporter of music in the Hudson Valley – welcome Bertolozzi’s remarkable effort and encourage visitors and patrons to experience this signature sound-art installation as part of The Falcon’s comprehensive immersion into the music of the Hudson Valley.

Visitors can find the listening station outdoors, near The Falcon Underground entrance and can press a button to hear the groundbreaking, globally recognized concert, created with sounds harvested from the Mid-Hudson Bridge as its raw material.

Launched during the 400th anniversary celebrations in 2009 of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the Hudson River, Bridge Music was created by recording the sounds of bridge’s surfaces (guard rails, girders, etc.) with various mallets and using those sounds to compose new works, making the Mid-Hudson Bridge the largest percussion instrument in the world. These performances of the bridge’s sounds are what one hears at the listening stations and on the park radios. The music contains no other tones than those of the bridge itself.

Bridge Music is a sister project to Bertolozzi’s recent Tower Music on the Eiffel Tower.

To view the New York Times Video: New York Times Video

Falcon Logo HV Music

Falcon Logo HV Music