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The Compact

Genre: Rock; Americana

The Compact is one of the most visible and highly regarded groups in New York’s Hudson Valley. Their signature sound grows from an intuitive, musical interplay and striking personality contrasts between long-time collaborators Erin Hobson (guitar) and multi-instrumentalist Steven W. Ross, whose main instrument is the bass.

Their songs are musical narratives built over deep grooves, drawn from multiple chapters of the American songbook. A combination of risk-taking, and free-spirited creativity that fuses pop values with earthy rhythms, with vocal friction between Hobson’s smooth croon against Ross’s thorny grit.

Hobson’s guitar playing is tinged with elements of Jazz, Folk and Rock, with phrasings that reveal a compelling musical personality. This girl has got some serious chops and leaves a colossal impression.

Ross turns the bass guitar into a piece of clay that he molds, massages, pounds and teases. His bass-lines are rich and catchy, with tons of texture, establishing the setting from where each song launches. Together these seemingly unlikely musical partners give each composition a unified and distinct feel.

The Compact’s third album, “One At A Time,” is currently spinning from coast to coast, with their single, “It’s A Wash,” atop Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST’s play list. The track was voted Top-100 Songs of 2014 by the station’s listeners, and is still spinning.


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