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Evan Balzer

Genre: Rock, Blues Guitar

Guitarist Evan Balzer provides his listeners with a healthy dose of classic rock guitar. With soloing steeped in the blues, emphasizing tone, taste, economy and melodic content, his playing weaves a palette of soulful single-note lines, pulsing riffs and broad chord voicings into a sound that is truly unique, yet still reminiscent of his many influences. Decades of broad experience in rock, pop, blues and country have led him to his latest release “Colors That Move”, his first work as a solo artist.

Recorded with Paul Ferenc on Drums and Ken Latzko on bass in 2015, “Colors That Move” can be best described as “Blow by Blow” meets “Presence”, with a smattering of Pink Floyd and The Police. A fully instrumental album with only a guitar, bass and drums, it is a eclectic mix of trance, meditation, volume, riffs, soul and emotion.

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