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Levin Brothers

Genre: Jazz

“This album’s about a few things. It’s a long overdue ‘first record’ by two brothers who’ve been making records individually for … well, a lot of years! And it’s a return home, for me and Pete, to the music we first shared as kids – the ‘cool jazz’ of the 50’s. So it’s been a labor of love to write pieces in that style, woodshed my cello playing, so as to use it as a lead instrument, and put together a record with melody based songs, short solos, and, hopefully, the chemistry of musicians who play like … like brothers! 

“You’ll see us in suits in the session photos – that was an effort to help be immersed in the genre of the music. Back in the 50’s, I guess everyone put on a suit and tie to go to work, even jazz players. It took awhile to get used to, but was actually kind of fun. Old school! 

“We think this album will appeal to anyone who likes instrumental music, and it’s a special treat to be able to offer it in vinyl (with digital download card, of course) as well as CD.”

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