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Neil Nail Alexander

Genre: Jazz-Funk Electronica Ambient Experimental

“All music is crossover”, says Neil Alexander, a self-styled “Jazz Synthesist” and composer from Newburgh, NY. He knows what he’s talking about having played thousands of gigs in about every style in 30+ years of making music. He’s had ample opportunity to see where different styles intersect and how music crosses over. Well known from his ten years with The Machine (the Pink Floyd Tribute and Jam band), Neil is breaking new sonic ground with NAIL, a remarkable trio featuring Dan Asher on Bass and Nadav Zelniker (Dekel Bor) on drums. NAIL is a hi tech blend of Jazz, Rock, Funk, Ambient and Electronica, fused together into a truly original sound.
It’s hard to categorize what he does, but Neil ties it all together through jazz, the original melting pot of music. “Jazz borrows from everything it co-exists with, and spawns new styles constantly.” With his experience, which includes playing rock, jazz, blues, funk, electronica, ambient, classical, composing for Modern Dance and Avant Garde Theater as well as teaching Master Classes in music technology, Neil has built a formidable musical vocabulary. Neil Alexander & NAIL is a tight versatile unit, easily shifting and combining the aforementioned styles with fierce musicianship. At the core is an emphasis on improvisation and a solid foundation in Jazz. True lovers of jazz, improvisation and an exhilarating sensory experience seek them out, knowing they will shatter boundaries and test limits.
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