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J3 Experience (The)

Genre: Blues, Funk, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, & Soul

James Brown III was born July 24, 1964 in Chicago IL. After getting his first drum set kit at the age of 4, he taught himself to play. When he moved to Tennessee at the age of 12 he joined the middle school band, where he learned to read music. After high school he has played in many bands and has played many styles of music including; Rock, Hard Rock, R&B, Country, Soul and most recently the blues. Drummers that inspired James were Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Phil Collins, Simon Wright, and Neil Pert. James Brown III now lives in Schenectady NY and my girlfriend lives in Hagaman (the love of my life!!!!)

Charles Bradt was born in Schenectady a long time ago he loves playing the Blues,Rock,Hard Rock,Funk & has been playing the guitar for more then 30 years & always wears a hat ( I Just Love Wearing My Hat’s) Hope to see you all soon!!! Peace!

Rock Diamond Rock diamond was born November 29th 1983. he started playing guitar at the age of 16. In high school he played in a punk band influenced bye The Ramones The Clash NOFX and rancid. In college he gained experience playing with many great musicians out of the crane school of music. Rock was then influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd The Grateful Dead the doors Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tom Petty. After several years of open mic nights and acoustic campfire jams he picked up the bass and joined the j3 experience…

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